Monday 20 April 2009

TrueMove Touch Sim partners with 94° coffee for 5% discount

Touch SIM by TrueMove Joins With 94° Coffee To Offer 5% Discount To Welcome the Summer, Reinforce Best Value with “Touch For Calling Credit” by Offering Free Calling Bonus For Every Payment with Touch SIM

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Bangkok—April 20, 2009 – TrueMoney, with Piyachart Ratanaprasartporn (right), General Manager of True Money Co., Ltd., has joined with 94° Coffee, with Parit Anugulthanakarn, (left) General Manager of Ultimate Beverage Products Co., Ltd, to please coffee lovers by offering an immediate 5% discount on every menu item simply by paying the bill with TrueMove’s convenient Touch SIM. All customers have to do is swipe the Touch SIM at the Touch reading machine found at branches of 94° Degree Coffee that have joined the program. TrueMove customers can enjoy their favorite beverage with savings from today until December 31, 2009.

With the exclusive “Touch for Calling Credit” offer, Touch SIM customers will receive a refund of the calling credit every time they pay the bill with Touch SIM, which means More Touch, Best Value.

Touch SIM by TrueMove is an innovative award-winning SIM developed by TrueMoney for TrueMove mobile phones. Supporting Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, Touch SIM can be used conveniently and securely in various lifestyle applications and services including personal data storage and identification as well as financial transactions, all done easily with just a single touch or swipe of the mobile phone.

The Touch SIM costs 149 Baht from TrueMove shops.

Source: Burson-Marstellar

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