Thursday 23 July 2009

HTC Hero

Got an HTC Hero today - on launch day.

First impressions? Smaller than I thought, about N95 wide and it feels great in the hand. The screen is, like the iPhone capacitative. Different, though I am not sure if it is better.

In one way it is more precise than the traditional resistive screens, but it does not work at all with nails or anything other than living flesh. The problem is that smaller icons are a bit hard to pinpoint with a big finger (probably my finger's fault rather than the phone's).

People said it was slow, but again, for a newbie it is, bar the startup delay, as fast as anyone would expect. That said, I have not installed any software on it.

Catering to its target market, it comes with bookmarks for Facebook and Peep, a Twitter client pre-installed. I was up and tweeting and updating my facebook status in minutes. Being able to coherently update it is another matter (big finger syndrome) but after a few hours of wallowing on the on-screen keyboard, messages were ok, but nowhere as fast as I have been on T9 or a full Qwerty keypad. Time will tell if this will grow on me or not, but for now, I still look to my Samsung i780 for long email messages.

More updates once I figure out how to use it.

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