Monday 3 August 2009

iPhone 3GS - Let's do the math.

Now that the initial rush of getting the press release online is out of the way, let us do the math.

In the UK on O2, the iPhone 3Gs 16GB is 440 / 540 pounds for the 16/32 GB versions (not that the 16GB version seems to be available in the shops but...) on prepaid but locked. That price includes one year of WiFi/3G access thrown in.

On contract, the 16G 3GS is free on hefty 45 a month two year contracts and 32G still needs 97 pounds payment even with the 45 a month tariff (1200 minutes / 500 sms a month). So over two years a 16GB iPhone 3GS works out at 1,080 pounds with the lots of minutes and texts. Google tells me that is 61,411 Baht.

The biggest TrueMove monthly package (in the press release at least) is 869 Baht for 600 minutes and 400 text messages. Half the minutes but a heavy user package nonetheless. That works out to 20,856 over the two years we are looking at. Add the cost of the phone at 24,500 and the cost for two years of heavy use is 45,356.

In that light, the TrueMove phones prices don't come out that bad actually. Now, if only they could get their network to work properly, we would all be happy.

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