Friday 17 April 2009

IBM announces SMB solutions in face of economic slowdown

IBM Thailand is responding to the economic downturn by focusing its efforts on the SMB with new solutions for back office, retail management, accounting, marketing, manufacturing under its new "Mobile Office Express" moniker.

Thai SMEs leverage IT to spur Business Growth

Select IBM solutions to enhance business, reduce cost and tackle business problems

April 17, 2009 – New generation of SMEs nationwide admitted that IT solutions from IBM help make business management easy, cost-saving and fast-growing. IBM announced its plan to further penetrate the market in its full capacity and gain access to its SME prospects all over the country after its success from ‘Mobile Office Express’ roadshow delivered fast-affordable-simple solutions to upcountry last year.

Parnsiree Amatayakul, Territory Executive, General Business, IBM Thailand Co., Ltd. said “The continuous growth of SMEs amid the economical challenge these days is a critical factor of the national economy. It stimulates investment, job creation and income production. From the IBM Mobile Office Express launch last year, IBM has delivered fast-affordable-simple business-driven IT solutions that help enabling Thai SMEs to enhance their business productivity and profitability. We received warm welcome from the SME market and glad to learn that our clients realized the importance and benefits of IT in enhancing business efficiency. Besides, we had discussed with business executives from various industries and found that they had 3 principle needs which are IT optimization and cost saving, innovation for business value, and business continuity and security. IBM understands their concerns and prepares our working teams to meet and help them so as the SMEs can continue growing within the challenging economy this year.”

Retail business is a type of business with comparatively high competition. The competitive edge is to give excellent services in order to reach the customers’ highest satisfactory level. Hence, Information technology is employed to support data management for business decision-making. The effective technology shall create quick-moving, cost-saving and fast-growing business.

Mr. Kittipop Arsirapongpisit, Managing Director, Chiangrai Sahathaweekit (1993) Company Limited and owner of Phowadol Resort & Spa Chaingrai said “Participating the launching project of ‘Mobile Office Express’ that IBM held in Chiang Mai last year has changed my point of view. I used to believe that IBM products were suitable for big organizations and that the products were very expensive. But IBM has proposed suitable solution for the growing SME businesses like ours. It is the type of business that keeps its main focus on the effectiveness of data management. Our company has decided to select IBM to implement solutions to manage data for our finance and inventory since last year. Now our business can move forward in all aspects with highly effective IT system that is so easy to maintain and monitor. The decision to select the products and services from IBM and to appoint them as our partner is value for money and they have considerably contributed their effort to our business”.

A vision of Ampo Mall management is to become an all-inclusive shopping center in Ayutthaya with continuous business expansion. The company also stresses on the importance of technological investment. Today the company has taken one step forward by placing trust on IBM to help developing its back-office system in the hope to meet its customers’ requirements and to provide better services.

Mr. Teera Ampornpruet, Managing Director of Ampotrade Company Limited said “Ampo Mall regards customer satisfaction as the most interest. Our management has decided to develop and migrate the existing system to the IBM’s server. The application we are using is one of the products launched under the ‘Mobile Office Express' project. It functions to process the customer’s purchase and service usage behavioral data. With such system, the company can utilize the data to improve the service in a fast and precise way. The result is the customers enjoy our service and Ampo Mall can keep our customer base. The success is reflected in our today’s business.”

Mr. Chaiyot Sereeyothin, Managing Director of Khon Kaen Fishing Net Factory Company Limited, one of the SME businesses who selected solution under the IBM Express Advantage said “ With our vision to become a leader and the biggest network of fishing net, seine, and agricultural net manufacturer and distributor, the company has developed its business continually. It also stresses much importance on the IT investment. Today the company has made a progress and implemented IBM solution to manage its accounting, marketing, and manufacturing, as well as maitenance systems. Today, the company has a plan to totally replace its IT system and use all IBM products in the long run. We are impressed by the high product quality and excellent after-sale service by IBM. We particularly appreciate the installment payment option. It allows us to develop the system and make gradually make a payment at the same time. Therefore, there is no cost and expense hindrance. We believe that a good partner like IBM will support our back office system so as it runs smoothly with efficiency and this will make us gain an edge against our business competitors.”

Parnsiree Amatayakul, Territory Executive, General Business, IBM Thailand Co., Ltd. added that “From the success of IBM Express Advantage last year, IBM is delighted to have seen our SME customers leverage our products and services for their business success. This year, IBM has prepared an on-going scheme to help the SMEs nationwide survive the economical crisis and generate business successful outcome. The new project will be soon introduced in the second quarter this year.”


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