Monday 20 April 2009

Nokia announces Worms World Party multiplayer on N-Gage

N-Gage Opens Up a Whole New Can of Worms

Gamers should prepare for prolonged worm warfare this spring as the world’s wackiest invertebrates crawl back onto N-Gage.

Stunningly rendered in classic 2D style and boasting an ultra-atmospheric audio experience, Worms World Party takes full advantage of the N-Gage’s unrivalled gaming capabilities, bringing back the side-splitting Worm animations and introducing new, zany voice taunts to rub rivals’ faces in the mud.

Combatants can either get their hands dirty by waging war on wily worms with improved AI in single-player fire-fights or take their wormfest worldwide in 4-way, real-time multiplayer death matches on N-Gage Arena, where, as well as checking out the high scores and easily setting up matchups, they’ll be able to rack up N-Gage Points for impressive achievements.

With over 20 weapons, including the timeless Super Sheep and Holy Hand Grenades, a multitude of game options and 6 level themes inspired by the very best of the Worms series, it’s time to unearth Worms World Party on N-Gage.

Worms World Party is now available at

Source: Burson-Marstellar.

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