Monday 20 April 2009

Sun expands partnership programme to cut costs tailor local offerings

Sun Microsystems has confirmed a change in the ownership of the existing Sun entity in Thailand which until now been operating as a wholly owned company since 1998. The Sun Equity Partner programme is a form of joint venture that Sun claims is aimed at providing a better, more customised service in each country. No details were given as to the local partner or the amount of money that is involved in the transaction.


Sun Microsystems Strengthens Presence in Thailand via Sun Equity Partner (SEP) Business Model

Move Positions Sun for Growth in Key Emerging Markets While Meeting Customer Needs for Innovations

Bangkok, 20 April 2009 – Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced the implementation of the Sun Equity Partner (SEP) business model to manage its operations in Thailand. This follows an earlier announcement about Sun's establishment of the SEP model in Malaysia. SEP is a worldwide joint-venture program designed to efficiently expand Sun's presence and enhance growth in key markets via strategic investments with select partners. The program is modelled on a concept that empowers partners to manage a Sun-branded operation while leveraging their know-how and market reach to facilitate customers' access to Sun's cutting-edge offerings.

Sun has been servicing customers in Thailand since 1995 and via a fully-owned operation in the country since 1998. This market continues to show promising signs of growth for Sun and is a key part of the company's global growth strategy. The implementation of Sun's SEP business model in Thailand is intended to further expand Sun’s presence and position the company to seize opportunities generated by the country's growing demand for network computing services and solutions.

Sun has invited a select group of partners to jointly explore opportunities to grow Sun's business in Thailand. The partnership with the eventual partner selected under the SEP business model will involve a change in ownership structure in the existing Sun entity.

"The establishment of the Sun Equity Partner model reflects Sun's continued commitment to Thailand's economy," said Peter Ryan, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Services, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Investing with a leading partner allows Sun to quickly expand coverage in growth markets, provide local expertise to our customers and contribute to global business communities."

The SEP program will continue to cement Sun's position as a leader in network computing in the market. It will contribute to customers' adoption of Sun Microsystems' comprehensive portfolio of software and systems solutions, including the Solaris(tm) Operating System, Java(tm) technologies, open software offerings, and the industry's fastest, most scalable and energy-efficient systems, as well as professional training and services.

"We are excited about the opportunities that our SEP program presents to our current business in Thailand. Our existing customers and partners will benefit from the SEP program. Not only will this program continue to bring them Sun’s world-class products, services and technologies, it will also offer them enhanced support as well as added regional expertise and coverage from a top partner,” said Lionel Lim, President, Asia Pacific, Sun Microsystems.

“The SEP program will help drive greater growth for the country's information and communications technology industry. Our strengthened presence will facilitate further upgrades in the IT skills and technology adoption by local partners and communities," said Gan Boon San, President, Asia South, Sun Microsystems.

The SEP program was modeled after the highly successful joint-venture partnerships in Indonesia and the Philippines in the past several years. Both regions now support hundreds of Sun-focused sales and services professionals, and serve key customers and partners. The SEP program was officially launched in February 2008 and has been established successfully in Vietnam. There are plans for further expansion of Sun's global presence via the SEP model in key markets in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Source: PR-One.

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