Friday 17 April 2009

Sun announces upgrade of VirtualBox, local pricing of enterprise edition at 1,068 Baht / user / year

New Sun VirtualBox Release Supports Open Virtualization Format And Virtual Appliances

Huge Community Adoption Continues For Sun VirtualBox – Surpasses 11 Million Downloads Worldwide and 3.5 Million Registrations

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced the availability of Sun VirtualBox(TM) 2.2, the latest release of its high performance, free and open source virtualization software. VirtualBox 2.2 introduces support for the new Open Virtualization Format (OVF) standard, as well as significant performance enhancements and updates. To download the freely available Sun VirtualBox software, visit:

OVF is a Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) standard that enables virtual machines or appliances to be imported and exported. Virtual appliances are one or more virtual machines that are pre-installed and configured so they can be shared, published and distributed. VirtualBox 2.2 software enables users to build virtual machines or appliances and effortlessly export them from a development environment and import them into a production environment. Support for OVF also helps to ensure VirtualBox 2.2 software is interoperable with other technologies that follow the standard.

“We continue to see great momentum for VirtualBox, through huge adoption numbers, as well as the speed and frequency of technology releases. VirtualBox has always been a fantastic tool for developers to create multiple virtual machines, network them together and deploy them using nearly any operating system. Now, with the new import and export features of the VirtualBox 2.2 release, users can quickly and easily put their development environments into production – on the desktop, the server or even in the cloud, “ said Jim McHugh, vice president Datacenter Software marketing at Sun.

“The addition of support for virtual appliances in the latest VirtualBox software release is great for us and our customers who want to rapidly move from development to production, and upgrade production environments easily and quickly,” said Lars-Thorsten Sudmann, managing director ITProtect GmbH & Co. KG, an information, communication and security consulting firm based in Europe.

A key component of Sun's industry-leading desktop-to-datacenter virtualization portfolio, VirtualBox software has been rapidly growing in popularity, surpassing 11 million downloads worldwide, 3.5 million registrations since October 2007, with in excess of 25,000 downloads a day. A mere 50 megabyte download, VirtualBox software is incredibly compact and efficient and installs in less than five minutes.

Additional features of VirtualBox 2.2 software include:

· Hypervisor optimizations to make this the fastest VirtualBox release available to date

· 3D graphics acceleration for Linux and Solaris(TM) applications using OpenGL(R), allowing a whole new class of applications to run in a virtual machine

· Support for Snow Leopard, Apple's forthcoming 64 bit platform

· Increased maximum memory size of guests to 16Gb RAM

· New host-interface networking mode, which makes it easier than ever before to run server applications in virtual machines

Pricing and Availability

VirtualBox software is free of charge for personal use. For wider deployments within an organisation Enterprise subscriptions are also available, starting at 1,068 baht per user per year, which includes 24/7 premium support from Sun's technical team. Discounts are available based on volume. To sign up for an enterprise support subscription, visit: For partners wishing to redistribute the VirtualBox technology as part of their own solution Sun offers a comprehensive OEM licensing program.

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